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Hardwood floor refinishing in Elmwood, Boyceville, Colfax, Durand Menomonie and surrounding areas

Hardwood floor refinishing can make your home look new and inviting again. Completely replacing a lackluster hardwood floor can be avoided with hardwood floor refinishing for considerably less cost. Nevins Flooring realizes that a newly finished hardwood floor is something beautiful. However, nothing stays new forever, and a dull, time-worn hardwood floor is nowhere near as appealing. A long period of wear or a lack of suitable care can wear away the lustrous finish on your hardwood floors, causing them degrade and lose their shine. They become dull, scratched or gouged with many disfiguring signs from moving furniture around and a steady volume of family foot traffic.

When to consider hardwood floor refinishing

When you notice that the quality of your floor is starting to degrade, don’t panic. You can restore it to like-new appearance at a much lower cost than having it ripped out and replaced with a costly new floor.

Nevins Flooring offers convenient and effective hardwood floor refinishing services to homeowners and business owners in Elmwood, Boyceville, Colfax, Durand, Menomonie and surrounding Wisconsin communities at reasonable prices.

Our licensed and experienced hardwood floor refinishing professionals will come to your home or office, restore your floors, and have your hardwood looking as luminous and glamorous as it did on the day it was newly installed.
Hardwood Refinishing in Menomonie, WI area from Nevins Flooring

Hardwood floor refinishing process

When hardwood floors are initially installed, the hardwood is coated with a polyurethane base that gives them their individual brilliance and ability to last for many years. Small bits of aluminum are oxide that have been included in the polyurethane coating make the wood even more durable and extend the length of time before the finish again looks dull.

Nevertheless, even the hardest finish can lose its luster after decades of dirt scraping away at the surface to allow water to soak in. The most practical solution for this problem is to sand down the old, worn finish and replace it with an entirely new polyurethane coating.

Nevins Flooring can complete the task, no matter what it is. You can get more details by contacting us, or stopping in at our Menomonie, WI showroom to discuss your hardwood refinishing need with one of our flooring consultants.